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NH's smaller biomass plants appealing PUC's approval of PSNH-Berlin BioPower purchase agreement
The Site Evaluation Committee spent a full day last week hearing from witnesses on Laidlaw Berlin BioPower’s motion to transfer its permit to Berlin Station LLC.
Not enough time to begin deliberations on a joint motion seeking to transfer the Certificate of Site and Facility that it had issued earlier to Laidlaw Berlin BioPower LLC to Berlin Station
In a new filing, PSNH says it will pay less for power in its purchase agreement with Berlin BioPower.
Six small NH biomass plants are asking the Public Utilities Commission to conduct a new hearing on the deal between PSNH and Laidlaw Berlin BioPower.
Governor LePage’s proposal aims to lower power costs by ending requirements for renewable percentages.
“There’s no middle ground. It’s either dead or we move forward.”
The Glencliff Home, a health care facility on the side of Mount Moosilauke, is the only state facility operating entirely off the grid.
A Senate committee has rejected a House bill pulling New Hampshire out of a regional cap-and-trade emissions program.
Hippo Press Q & A on NewBiomassNH.org
Rules that would make constructing large wood-burning power plants in the state much more difficult were proposed yesterday by the Patrick administration.
PSNH is nearly ready to file a modified purchase power agreement to the Public Utilities Commission for Laidlaw Berlin BioPower-Berlin Station
The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee has set May 18 as the date for its hearing on the motion to transfer its permit to build a 70-megawatt biomass plant in Berlin from Laidlaw Berlin BioPower to Berlin Station LLC.
PUC says power purchase agreement must be modified
Berlin Daily Sun - The NH PUC granted conditional approval to the proposed power purchase agreement between PSNH and Laidlaw Berlin Biopower/Berlin Station
Governor Lynch has ordered all state agencies to cut their fossil fuel consumption by 25% by 2025.
A newly launched website aims to serve as an informative resource for New Hampshire’s biomass power industry and bring attention to relevant issues and challenges that are affecting plants in the state
NH Public Radio report on NH's potential withdrawal from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Website to raise awareness about the issues that are pertinent to the biomass industry
NewBiomassNH.org website is taking a look at developments in New Hampshire's biomass energy industry.
Four Independent Wood Burning Biomass Plants Urge Political Pressure to Secure Power Purchase Agreements
Top 10 States With the Most Operating Biomass Plants in the U.S.
Lynnfield Patch - Reading Municipal Light Department Announces Clean Energy Contracts
The SEC has scheduled a public meeting on April 22 to consider a motion by Laidlaw Berlin BioPower to transfer its certificate to build and operate a biomass plant on the former pulp mill site to Berlin Station LLC.
While both wind and sun are unable to produce reliable power on demand - biomass offers stability over long-term pricing
Wall Street Journal excerpt on tightening natural gas market following Japan's nuclear crisis points to need for stable biomass energy
CONCORD – The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee will hold a public meeting on April 22 on Laidlaw Berlin BioPower and Berlin Station LLC’s joint motion to transfer the certificate of site and facility from Laidlaw to Berlin Station.
A request seeking support from the Berlin City Council for a change to the renewable portfolio standards law shifted to an urging from the mayor to start showing stronger support for the Laidlaw project.
Power Struggle: Four biomass plants in New Hampshire either now do not have a purchase contract or have one about to expire.
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