Who We Are

A Coalition for Biomass

New Biomass NH is a growing coalition of citizens who support biomass power as a renewable energy solution for New Hampshire's current and future power needs.  If you support the advancement of new energy production technologies that will make biomass power cleaner, more efficient, and more affordable - join us!


New Biomass NH is directed by Scott Tranchemontagne, an award-winning journalist who reported for radio and television stations, as well as newspapers, in New Hampshire, Boston, and nationally.

Since the mid 1990s, Tranchemontage has served as a communications consultant to private companies, public agencies, non-profit organizations and political campaigns.  His experience includes advising utilities, electric distribution companies, merchant power plants, renewable energy projects, and wood pellet companies.

Contact us here - or via email at NewBiomassNH@gmail.com

- On July 1, 2011, Montagne Communications, which manages NewBiomassNH.org, was hired by Cate Street Capital to assist with media relations regarding its Berlin Station project.  As a result - we will continue to post relevant biomass news and information - but will refrain from posting our own editorial comments or analysis. Thank you for following NewBiomassNH.org.   We hope you continue to find our site a reliable source of news and information.

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