Existing NH Biomass Plants

Indeck Energy - Alexandria
Location:                 Alexandria, NH

Energy Produced:  16 MW

Employees:             15

Year On Line:          1988

Ownership:              Indeck Energy Services,Illinois

Pinetree Power - Bethlehem Station
Location:                 Bethlehem, NH

Energy Produced:  15 MW

Employees:              25

Year On Line:          1986

Ownership:               GDF Suez, Paris, France

Bridgewater Power Company
Location:                  Bridgewater, NH

Energy Produced:   15 MW

Employees:              19

Year On Line:           1987

Ownership:              Public Service Enterprise Group Global, New Jersey

Hemphill Power and Light
Location:                 Springfield, NH

Energy Produced:   16 MW


Year On Line:           1988

Ownership:               Korea East-West Power

Northern Wood Power - Schiller Station
Location:                  Portsmouth, NH

Energy Produced:    50 MW


Year On Line:           2006

Ownership:              Public Service Co of NH

Pinetree Power - Tamworth
Location:                  Tamworth, NH

Energy Produced:    20 MW

Employees:               22

Year On Line:           1986

Ownership:                GDF Suez, Paris, France

Whitefield Power and Light

Location:                 Whitefield, NH

Energy Produced:   16 MW

Employees:              16

Year On Line:           1988

Ownership:               Korea East-West Power
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